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About Us

Located in Swainsboro, Georgia, America Knits is dedicated to producing the highest quality American made apparel and screen printing available anywhere. We are committed to creating jobs in the USA, specifically in a smaller, rural community such as Swainsboro where we know we make a difference to the quality of life.


Our employees are the foundation of the company’s success and their integrity, dignity and respect are the cornerstones of an environment that promotes learning and personal growth as well as creativity and innovation. We know how we treat people on the inside will be reflected in how they treat others on the outside. This results in a customer care team unsurpassed in quality service.


We are also a friend of the earth. American Knits is committed to developing and using the most sustainable production practices available. This commitment not only reduces our environmental impact, it informs and directs our use of technology and ensures through innovation and automation we keep environmental considerations at the forefront of our objectives.

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